Claire Biddles is an artist and writer based in Glasgow. Her work across site-specific events, writing, and public intervention attempts to explore the relationship between pop culture and so-called real life, expressions of fandom, and regional notions of glamour.


April 2017 / Grrr!, London

Arts & Precarity (cabaret host and panel chair)
January 2016 / Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow

Ms B Presents.. (event series)
2012 – 2015 / The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

Body+Soul Shapeshifters’ Ball (participating artist)
October 2014 / Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin

Goth Karaoke
October 2014 / Meeting House Square, Dublin, part of Bram Stoker Festival 2014

Lots of planets have a North publication launch
September 2014 / The Teltey, Leeds

Ms B Presents… Glam
July 2014 / The Corinthian, Glasgow, part of Merchant City Festival 2014

Degree Show After Party (installations)
June 2013 / The Arches, Glasgow

Ms B Presents… Gay Icons
November 2012 / The Menagerie, Belfast, part of Outburst Queer Arts Festival 2012

Body Count Hallowe’en Party (installations)
October 2012 / The Glue Factory, Glasgow

Old Ideas Karaoke
May 2012 / The State Bar, Glasgow

Selected Arts and Music Writing

Voices Are Key (with Frances Morgan)
January 2017 /  Roundtable in arts and politics journal The Drouth

The Singles Jukebox
February 2016 – present / Staff writer

One Week One Band: Years & Years
November 2015 / Series of online essays

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
May 2015 / Essay for MFA catalogue, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam

All Glamour is Political
April 2015 / Essay in arts and politics journal The Drouth

She’s Lost Control
January 2015 / Essay in mental health art and literature journal Doll Hospital

From one teenage bedroom to another – notes from a conversation with Ross Sinclair
June 2014 / Essay accompanying GENERATION exhibition at Collective, Edinburgh

Glasgow art galleries: a multi-tiered model for other cultural cities
December 2012 / The Guardian


Fuck What You Love
Two issues, 2016 – 17 / Self-published

for you are not beside but within me
February 2017 / Self-published

The Drouth (cover artist)
April 2015

Lots of planets have a North (ed. with Emma Jackson)
July 2014 / Self-published


Museum of an Imagined City (group – artist and curator)
January 2015 / SOIL, Seattle

Catalyst Campsite (group)
March 2013 / Catalyst Arts, Belfast

Games Night! (group)
July 2012 / The Glue Factory, Glasgow

Nobody Loves Us (solo)
May 2009 / Salford Lads’ Club, Salford


Artist Talk
March 2015 / Manchester School of Art

Crafting the Look: Styling as Creative Process conference
April 2014 / The Glasgow School of Art

Bowie: Fashion + Unpopular Culture
October 2013 / The Glasgow School of Art


BA (Hons) Sculpture and Environmental Art
2006 – 2009 / The Glasgow School of Art