FWYL (2016 – )

Fuck What You Love is a zine about popstar crushes, featuring writing from women and LGBTQ+ people. The zine celebrates the importance of crushing on musicians to marginalised music fans, and gives voice to passions that are often dismissed as silly or trite by cishet male music critics – about how wanting to fuck someone while they’re on stage performing can enhance your experience and enjoyment of their music. About how wanting to fuck someone as well as loving their music shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

The essays in the first collection, released in June 2016, were dedicated to crushes as diverse as Adele, Justin Moore, Gerard Way and Jarvis Cocker, with writers from around the world addressing subjects such as fanfiction writing, the discovery of self through queer crushes, teenage obsession, and the straight girl’s attraction to the gay male popstar. A full list of contributors is available here, and the essay I wrote for the zine is here.

Issue 2 will be available from May 2017, and details will be available soon.