Lots of planets have a North (2014)


Claire Quigley
Claire Quigley

Reena MakwanaReena Makwana
Casey Orr

Lots of Planets Have a North (2014)

Lots of Planets Have a North is a collaborative project with sociologist Dr Emma Jackson exploring the North of England as it is imagined, lived and dreamed of, in words and pictures. Frustrated by totalising accounts of a solitary man on a mission to uncover ‘the North’ artist, we set out to produce a more collective and fragmented North. The resulting publication designed by Kate Dunstone is a collection of responses including poetry, embroidery, essays, photography, stories and drawings from Emma Cardwell, Casey Orr, Claire Quigley, Steve Williams, Reena Makwana, Judi Sutherland, Andy Martin, Tessa Norton, Thomas Forth, Sarah Hesketh, Lesley Quale, Kate Fox, A. W. Wilde, Emma Jackson, Claire Biddles and Kate Dunstone.

Excerpts and more information on the Lots of Planets Tumblr.
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