Ms B Presents… GLAM (2014)

Ms B Presents… GLAM (2014)
The Corinthian, Glasgow

Ms B Presents… GLAM was a special iteration of the Ms B Presents… event series at the Corinthian Club in Glasgow. The event consisted of talks, performances and screenings on the fashion, fandom and glamour of 70s glam rock, exploring the looks and fashion legacy of the likes of David Bowie, Roxy Music, the New York Dolls, as well as the fans who copied and adapted the looks for their own lives. The event was produced for Fashion Cultures, part of Merchant City Festival at Festival 2014.

The event also included a rare screening of John McManus’ 1977 short film Roxette, courtesy of the North West Film Archive. The film, which was last shown as part of Tate Liverpool’s 2013 exhibition ‘Glam! The Performance of Style’, follows a group of young Roxy Music fans dressing up, posing and going to see a Roxy tribute band in Manchester.

Images courtesy of Callum Rice.